Experience & awards

  • Early 90´s

    1990 - 1994

    Anna Maria Lopez Lopez is a multidisciplinary designer and Spanish writer especially known for her books about design. López began researching computer-aided design tools in the early 1990s, initially applied to the fashion industry and later to the graphic design industry. Her first personal computer was an Amstrad PCW 8256 with green phosphor screen, and her first mouse click was with the mouse of the legendary Macintosh II. Since that first mouse click, her professional life was linked to digital design.

  • Mundo Internet International Congress Award


    In 1998, her website design project "Reflexion" received the award for Best Hispanic Personal Website at Mundo Internet World Internet Congress 98 awarded by the AUI. At the same award ceremony, Vinton Cerf  considered "The Father of Internet" received the AUI Special Award.

  • Wrote her first book


    In 1999, López wrote her first book, titled -Launch your company on the Net- a two-volume book which already included the guidelines for making graphic design optimised for the World Wide Web. The book was nation wide distributed with the printed edition of NET Magazine.



  • Selected as one of the best graphic designers of XX century  in Spain


    In the begining of the new century, in 2000 the work of Anna María López was selected by the State Society for the Development of Design and Innovation (DDI) , for the exhibition titled - Signs of the Century, 100 Years of Graphic Design in Spain - presented at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia de Madrid in March 2000, curated by designers Alberto Corazon, Emilio Gil and Enric Satue. The exhibition aimed to uncover the extensive labours of Spanish designers over the last century, revealing the invaluable contribution of modernisation and design in Spain. The catalogue of this exhibiton featuring a curated selection of the best Spanish designers from XX century, was a paperback 633 pages volume published in English and Spanish language.

  • Her design work featured on press and design books

    2001 -  2020

    Her work as a designer has been internationally recognized in specialized press and publications in the design sector during the last decades.For instance, her website and logo designs were featured on various editions of the printed books Web Design Index by publisher The Pepin Press and famous Los Logos books by publisher Gestalten. Besides she wrote some step-by-step design tutorials for printed magazine Arte y Diseño (the Spanish edition of Computer Arts Magazine)

  • International design & illustration projects

    2021 - Present

    At present she combines her book writing work with the making of design and illustration international projects under the artistic pseudonym annaOMline. Under annaOMline signature, she created the cover of New Scientist magazine #2644 or the scenic mural graphics for the permanent exhibition The Brain at the Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia, an exhibition awarded with the Excellence in Exhibition Competition prize awarded by The American Alliance Of Museums. 

    Currently, her books on fashion design, coolhunting and graphic design, are part of the bibliography and the syllabus of the design subject at universities and official design schools in Spain and Latin America.

Designer + book author

Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

The designer and book author Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

Multidisciplinary designer and best-selling book writer specialised in digital design, graphic art, digital fashion design and trends. Author of 12 printed books published by well-known editorial group ANAYA Multimedia part of Hachette Livre .

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