Multidisciplinary Designer & book writer

Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

Anna Maria Lopez ( Barcelona, 1974 ) is an awarded multidisciplinary designer and writer specialized in digital graphic design, fashion and trends, with 12 published books.Her bestselling book entitled - Graphic Design Course, Fundamentals and Techniques - Group ANAYA Publishing, is the best-selling Spanish book on graphic design. López is currently the Spanish author with the most published books on design. Besides, she is a technical advisor for vector design software and a pioneer in the training and creation of educational material on design with digital media since 1994.

MAIN PUBLISHER: Editorial ANAYA Multimedia / Hachette Livre




Book writing

Integral book authoring services ( book writting + graphic content ) with the main focus on design related topics: digital graphic design techniques, compilation of best graphic designer portfolios, logo galleries, curation of graphic art contents, digital fashion design techniques, compilation of the best fashion design portfolios, fashion illustration curation, etc. You can also request information for the purchase of the rights of translation to other languages of her already published books.

Graphic art projects  

All kind of  graphic art, editorial designs & illustrations services . With clients from editorial and art world, her graphic artworks have been published on several international books and magazines like for instance NewScientist Magazine, Esquire or Rock Prog . Also art galleries and museums are frequent clients (illustration works for permament exhibitions like The Brain Exhibition at Franklin Institute of Philadelphia). You can view more of her design artworks under her other artistic name >  BY ANNAOMLINE.

Designer + book author

Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

The designer and book author Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

Multidisciplinary designer and best-selling book writer specialised in digital design, graphic art, digital fashion design and trends. Author of 12 printed books published by well-known editorial group ANAYA Multimedia part of Hachette Livre .

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